Architecture, Design and a Modern Approach to Real Estate


It all begins with choosing where you want to live - then we create how you want to live. 


"Some call it renovating, we call it dwellscaping."

How are we different?

When you work with dwell&co, you will rethink how to buy a home.  Instead of settling for a cookie-cutter house, you will start with the most important thing - location, then together, we will help find you the perfect house and turn it into your very own dream home!

The benefit of working with us? You'll never have to deal with a separate Realtor, designer, architect, engineer, contractor, etc., etc. We take care of the entire process - from purchase, design, project management and even furnishing!

Happen to already like where you currently live? No problem! We can help turn your house into your 'forever home' too!... (or simply help bring it to the 21st Century)

A seamless and pleasant experience of home buying, selling, or renovating - as it should be!

Sounds interesting? Get in touch today and see how we may be able to help.


Tooting our own horn - Some of our work has even been featured in films and commercials!
dwell&co. supports up cycled materials and the use of smart-home technology.  Our specialty is a combination of rustic and modern, however we can create anything based on your style.