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About Us

dwell&co. was founded with one goal in mind - to simplify the home buying/ selling and renovating process.

Instead of having to deal with multiple entities (architects, general contractors, designers, etc.) - the idea is to streamline and make the process pleasant, easier and in most cases, cheaper!

Our philosophy is to help clients get an individualized custom home and stay within the budget.

Our Process

We work around each homeowner's budget, unique individual needs and designs that best suits their lifestyle. Never one size fits all!

Pre-Design Consultation

This is the first touchpoint, where we meet with the homeowners to understand their needs, style, budget and timeline.

Design & Construction 

Once the "wish-list" is identified, we translate it to workable architectural designs and take care of all permitting requirements and commence the construction phase.  

On-Site Consultations

All along the construction phase, we include homeowners and ensure every little detail and changes are addressed.

The Finishing

Once the construction is finished, we can help homeowners with furnishing and interior designs as well. 

We get discounted rates from many of the major retailers - which, we happily pass on to the clients.

Let's create your dream home.
Tell us more about your "wish-list".

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